About Us

This site is hosted from our github repository. We use it because we like all things internet … plus its an easy way for us to collaborate and learn together. Want to join us? Find our next meeting or visit the Uncoded meetup.com page. Or, Fork one of our repos, and submit a pull request. You could also just share your github user to someone listed on our github organization.

Contact Info

We’re open to all kinds of feedback. Do you like what we’re doing? Don’t like something? Want to get involved and help? Mike organizes the monthly WAPRO meetup. Please connect with him if you’re interested in presenting, have an announcement, or other feedback.

Twitter @waprolb
Organizer: Mike Stewart ‒ @mdrmike_
voice / text 562-547-2956

Get Involved!

Want to contribute ideas, design, fixes, enhancements, or just a place to work on some shared code? Join us. How? Post an issue in the queue and request access. Any member can then give you full access to the Uncoded organization on github to help out or share. From there, follow your passion and help the ways you can. Please be considerate, be respectful, and be collaborative. When you’re unsure, ask for help. When we disagree, we consult others. And please, when you can no longer help, step away considerately.

Work Together

We adhere to the Uncoded Code of Conduct.

Call for Presentations

We want you to come share your awesome project with us. If you are local to Long Beach, or will be in the area, and would like to present on a topic, please contact me. We are interested in learning about everything cool that makes us think or makes us better at Web Development, (Web & Mobile) Application development, or Mobile development – or ideally where these technologies converge.

Call for Sponsors

We totally get hungry and thirsty at these things. Sometimes we even need a venue for a meetup. If you’re looking to earn some Karma by picking-up a tab or providing space for our meetup, then you’re totally our type of friend! As a group we’ll Thank You and give you recognition. Maybe that means a company logo or message on a slide, or possibly we’ll let you address the group? But thats about it. We’re here to geek out not listen to some lame sales-pitch. Sorry, we just felt it should be clear that we’re looking for a fairly easy, No-Strings-Attached NSA type of thang. wink wink, nudge nudge. Ok, the last part was meant to be funny, but the point is: Sponsors are awesome, we want ‘em! But it should mostly be about your Karma and us getting free grub, not you buying an audience or pillaging our talent. On the other hand, there’s a possibilty it’ll lead to us getting to know you more or (dare say it) “liking you.” But no promises, okay?