Web & Application Professionals Meetup – Apr 20

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Wow!!! Each month of WAPRO 2017 we’ve had a wide variety of interesting topics. This month looks to continue the trend. Two presentations from folks that run local startups will join us to share about some of the fun & fascinating tech they use daily. If you’re interested in mobile apps or the tech of serverless AWS, or the intersection of Virtual Reality (VR) and the web, don’t miss this month!

Please bring an appetite to consume cool tech, as well as food and drink. (R.S.V.P. or we won’t plan for enough). In addition to talks we’ll set aside time to meet and network with other local nerds. Plus, we really like folks who share, so please, come prepared to show us a five minute informal glimpse into something cool or interesting you’ve recently discovered!

With your suggestions we’ll continue to improve the WAPRO format in 2017. Our goals are to entice locals and guests to come share and inspire with best practices, interesting and/or fun projects, and cool tech tricks.

Upcoming meetup dates: ⛵ 4/20 🌤 5/16 ⛵ 6/22


The Long Beach Web & App Professionals (#WAPRO) group meets monthly to share and learn about the technology that ignites our imagination, builds our skill-set, expands our network, and grows community!

  1. Jeff Algera (@jeffalgera) – Going Serverless — AWS + S3 + Amazon API
  2. Roger Howard (@rogerhoward) – An Intro to Serverless Application Architecture
  3. Dan Lundmark (@danboarder) – Responsive web design for VR

  4. PLEASE R.S.V.P.


The Long Beach Web & App Professionals (#WAPRO) group meets monthly to share and learn about the technology that ignites our imagination, builds our skill-set, expands our network, and grows community!


In the past we’ve had professionals present that have worked on projects such as Spacex, Riot Games, X-prize, Adobe, Toyota Motor Sports, VMWare, UCLA, CSULB, AARP, and more … using technologies such as Bootstrap, Bower, Browserfy, Headless Drupal, iOS Swift, Jekyll, Meteor, Node.js, SASS, Sculpin, Zapier and more.

Every month we come together to:

  • Demo technologies we use, especially those driving the convergence of websites and mobile apps
  • Showcase our projects built with cool tech
  • Share industry “best practices”
  • Newcomer Q&A’s
  • Network, get to know each other, and otherwise have fun

We have a preference for open-source software, especially server-side. This year we have meetups focused on the life-cycle and technologies related to website and application development. We will especially try to delve into situations where mobile and web technologies converge. The meeting topics we cover will vary monthly and will be tailored to, and by, our community. Want to see something in particual? Let us know by tweeting using the hash #WAPRO.

If you have interest or work in Web or Application Development, add our meetup to your calendar now and join us! Our meetups are FREE and open to EVERYONE.

WE Labs


DATE: Thu – April 20, 2017
TIME: 7-9p
LOCATION: 235 E. Broadway, 8th Floor, Long Beach, CA
MAP LINK: WE Labs – Broadway + Long Beach BLVD intersection.
PARKING: FREE: Street parking east of Long Beach Blvd after 6p. Metered until 6p. WE Labs is on the corner. CHEAP: The Cityplace Lot C #6 … 2hrs FREE then hourly » 3rd Street + Promenade


Going Serverless — AWS + S3 + Amazon API

Join Jeff Algera as he describes his experiences with building an API for his new startup, Stereo. Using Serverless on the AWS platform with Node and DynamoDB and WWW content served off of S3 buckets.

Jeff Algera

Principal.la Twitter: @jeffalgera headshot

Jeff Algera is a software developer turned entrepreneur. Founding Principal in 2014, Jeff has been active in the startup community to deliver new mobile apps to market.

An Intro to Serverless Application Architecture

A framework for easily creating beautiful presentations using HTML

Roger Howard

Consultant Twitter: @rogerhoward headshot

Roger Howard is an accomplished technology architect and software developer with a focus on the intersection of creative media and technology. After more than fifteen years in senior roles at iconic organizations such as The Getty, Blizzard, and Playboy, Roger traded in the comfortable confines of corporate culture to follow his passions and need for self-determination. He currently serves as the CTO for Critique­it, a hometown startup, and provides strategic technology consulting and software development services to non­profits such as museums and charities. Roger has too many side projects and interests, and not enough hours in the day.

Responsive web design for VR

In the new web, we won’t always have a screen in front of us but we can have apps, browsers, and even a VR window to the reality surrounding us. Let’s discuss the elements of responsive web design for VR and dive into some of the aspects of 2D web as an immersive experience in VR. The hardware to achieve this, while still in infancy, is here. HD cameras, 360° cameras, drones, fast graphical processors and VR handsets are the pathfinders to a new era. Expensive, bulky and sluggish at this time, as the rate of adoption will rise, the hardware will get cheaper, smaller and faster. Come, let’s explore some of this tech and what it could mean for both the future, and now, together.

Dan Lundmark

Consultant Twitter: @danboarder headshot

Dan Lundmark, web & interaction designer, exploring new media technologies and platforms, currently deep into the intersection of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), drones, 360° video, 3D printing, and the web.


Our sponsors help make our meetups awesome! They feed us, provide a place to gather, share, & learn from each other, and some even give us cool things to giveaway! Take a moment to thank them, click their logo to visit their twitter/facebook account… and thank them publicly. (Please, use hash #WAPRO)

Meetup date April 20, 2017