Web & Application Professionals Meetup – Thu Dec 7

  1. Roger Howard (@rogerhoward) – I use Docker, and so should you
  2. Mike Stewart (@mdrmike_) – Lead Community Discussion & Lightning Talks
  3. PLEASE R.S.V.P.

This meetup is an end of year celebration plus a prelude to 2018—we’ll start having regular WAPRO meetups again! Luckily, we’ll also have our last chance to see Roger Howard present locally on tech. Come learn about Docker, a key part of Roger’s development workflow. If you’re not using it yet, now is your chance to kick the tires with a pro (and before he moves to the east coast)! If you are using it, its a good chance to contrast, compare, and ask questions. We’ll also share some awesome docker related tools, too!

If we have time, we’ll also have a chance for community lightning talks and/or round-table discussion on the state of tech in Long Beach.

Note the venue for the meetup: JLOOP (across the street from Fingerprints music). They were kind enough to host on short notice, but they have limited space, so RSVP!

After the meetup, everyone is invited to walk down to a local pub for some business networking. Join us!

Meetup Details

PRESENTATION I use Docker, and so should you

How and Why you should use Docker in your development workflow. Roger will share about his tools, workflow, and reasons why Docker is so helpful. Whether you’re an app developer, web developer, use php, python, node, dotnet, ruby, go (or another language), there’s a recipe or workflow that will make your life more productive and powerful.

Roger Howard

Consultant Twitter: @rogerhoward Instagram: @rogerxhoward headshot

Roger Howard is an accomplished technology architect and software developer with a focus on the intersection of creative media and technology. After more than fifteen years in senior roles at iconic organizations such as The Getty, Blizzard, and Playboy, Roger traded in the comfortable confines of corporate culture to follow his passions and need for self-determination.

PRESENTATION Lead Community Discussion & Lightning Talks

A discussion about the state of technology, types of projects going on locally, and time for general Q & A.

Mike Stewart

Media Done Right Twitter: @mdrmike_ Instagram: @mdrmike headshot

Open Source evangelist, community organizer, Long Beach native. From enterprise I.T. to consulting. Ultimately, licensing independence for his clients plus the discovery of the principles behind free software, led him to Drupal as a veritable swiss-army-knife for the web, and more generally the promotion and use of freedom software.


jloop logo

DATE: December 07, 2017 — Thursday
START TIME: 7:00 pm


425 E. 4th Street, Unit C
Long Beach, CA 90802

Instructions: JLOOP is in downtown long beach on 4th street near Fingerprints Music. The gate (and phone to be let in) to unit C is to the right of the building itself. If you have any trouble, please call: 562-547-2956.